Content Management System (CMS) provides best solution for a company or enterprise with an affordable cost. CMS has simple integration solutions as well more advance ecommerce solutions.

CMS is a friendly user application that allows changes and modifications to a website made via any web browser without the need to understand html or any other programming languages. CMS is built on a module that is created to extend and change over time.

CMS is quick and easy. The text editor, which is very similar to Microsoft Word, will allow user to make any changes on the pages and modify images. User can also cut and paste information from Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. CMS will save user the time and cost in terms of training because anyone can be able to learn it quickly. Furthermore CMS can publish any information on the web in real time.

How It Works (basic explanation)

  • Content is added and saved through the user interface.
  • The web page is generated and published by the CMS.
  • The web page URL gets listed in the web site navigation menus.
  • All index pages and navigation menus get updated automatically.
Information Architecture

An user can change the structure from different levels, where the module or structure allows user to add any number of sub topics changed over and any other number of sub categories.  This visual structure permits the user to make the categories active or not. User can show these visuals on the web or hide them when you are working on a document.

Visual Design

Design can be modified or altered any way a company needs.

Site Style

A unified style or different kinds of styles will be created with the use of colors based on predetermined needs. In addition to having the ability to change the text files and tables, the text editor also allows you to add documents such as word, pdf, excel.


Product images and information can be edited in any way a company needs.


Statistics will provide a complete overview and detailed descriptions of how many people visited the site in the last 24 hours, last month, or total visitors. It also presents the information of where the hits are coming from, whether from a search engine or specific ip address. Additionally, the search feature lets user know what specific users are looking for on specific sites.

Screen Capture