VTA Trading System

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VTA trading is designed with features that have been standarized to be used by a variety of distribution companies in Indonesia. With features That can help your business by Providing useful information.

VTA Trading focused on management that is accordance with the Distribution.  Hopefully VTA Trading System brings solutions to entrepreneurs who are about to or already run a Distribution business.


  • Master Data
  • Purchase Transaction
    – Purchase Order
    – Good Receipt
    – Purchase Return
    – Purchase Payment
  • Stock
  • Sales Transaction
    – Sales Order / Invoice
    – Delivery Order
    – Shipping Order
    – Sales Receive
    – Sales Payment
    – Credit List
    – Sales Payment
    – Sales Return
  • Memorial Journal
  • Adjusment
  • Cashier Graphic User Interface
  • Income Statement
  • Report


Convenience Features

  • Flexible
  • User Friendly.
  • Secure
  • Memorial Journal
  • Profit and Loss
  • Transaction cash / credit payment method
  • Informative Report
  • Easy to use with Modern Graphic User Interface
  • Multi User
  • Webbase Application
  • Support Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Support Mobile Version for enterprise version
  • Backup Restore Database
  • Server Redudancy for DRP
  • Up To Date
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