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VTA Sistem Informasi Administrasi Kependudukan (Population Administration Information System) is an information system based on procedures which has been regulated in Presidential Decree No. 88/2004 on Management of Population Administration and Permendagri No. 18/2005 about Population Administration, SIAK used to aimed arrange and achieved an orderly and administrative documents in the field of population.


1. Master data
a. Provincial Data
b. Data District / City
c. District Data
d. Data Sub-District

2. Formation of Identity subsystem Population Database
a. Biodata population
i. WNI
ii. WNA
b. Identity Card
c. Family Card

3. Displacement subsystem
a. Internal displacement
b. Overseas migration

4. Subsystem Evacuation and Child streets
a. List and input Refugees
b. List of Vulnerable Population and input / street children

5. Subsystems births and deaths
a. List and input births
b. List of deaths and input

6. Subsystems Marriage and Divorce
a. List and input Divorce
b. List and input Wedding

7. Reports

Convenience Features

standardized administrative population system
integrated database for other purposes (Statistics, Taxes, Immigration, etc.)
integrated SIAK System (Population Registration, etc)
National Standardization
Single Identification Number (NIK)
Standards National Forms,
User Friendly.
Easy to use with Modern Graphic User Interface
Multi User
Web Based Application
Support Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
Backup Restore Database
Server Redudancy for DRP
Up To Date

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