VTA Electronic Filling System

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Documents, archives or other data is a job of responsibility that must always be maintained, cared for and protected because it has inherent values to the memory that will be centered (reference) in certain things at the moment of decision.
However, documents, records and data management increases overtime in accordance to the development of organizational activities and business activities, therefore, managing these archives is difficult.
PT.Vitech Asia introduces VTA Electronic Filling System, contained with document management application, files and web-based data integration, where all existing data will be stored in digital form, making it easier to search.


  • efficiency of human resources
  • document protection
  • cost efficiency
  • improving the quality and speed of service
  • improve security controls archive


Convenience Features

  • Flexible for using Table Management
  • User Friendly.
  • Secure
  • Easy to use with Modern Graphic User Interface
  • Multi user to group and modules
  • Web Based Application
  • Mobile Application Support
  • Support Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Integration and management of data in realtime
  • Standardization of report
  • Backup & Restore Database
  • Server Redudancy for DRP
  • Up To Date
  • Supports Barcode


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