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VTA ARSIP is a document management application or electronical file that helps manage the archives of the original manual-based and hardcopy form, into a file management and information technology-based electronic or digital form. This application is also equipped with storage management that includes document security system based on user access rights and the management of borrowing circulation documents.

These documents (or letters) should be stored or archived. Over time, the documents and letters are increasing in terms of amount and type. Therefore, it needs a good archival management.


Easier and faster archive processing.
Minimized Errors due to human error data
Faster data search process
Tidier Documentation
Simpler search process
More efficient and effective use of human resources
Quicker and easier process of preparing reports.

Convenience Features

– Flexible
– User Friendly
– Secure
– Easy to use with Modern Graphic User Interface
– Multi User
– Web Based Application
– Support Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
– Backup Restore Database
– Server Redudancy for DRP
– Up To Date

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